Thursday, July 22, 2004

Happy Birthday, Michaela Joy

My friends, Bruce and Cathy, just had their first baby ten days early on July 17. Her name is Michaela Joy and tho' Cathy went through 27 hours of difficult labor, they are so happy she's here.

Before moving to Wheaton from the West Coast, Bruce lived a portion of his adult life in the homosexual lifestyle. After going through a program for Christians wanting to leave this life, he moved to Wheaton. He spent several years on his own, but then Bruce met Cathy through the singles group and through programs they were both involved in to help people in need at the church I used to go to when I lived in Wheaton. He is now attending Wheaton Bible College in the psychology program and is using his personal experience in overcoming this sorrowful way of life to reach out to those in need. I admire his courage more than I can ever say.

Cathy was born to a missionary family in Ecuador and is deeply involved in short-term missions to that country. She is a nurse and teaches at an area hospital, as well as works in that profession. She has been a great example to me of what I'd like to be as a nurse. She is one of the dearest and sweetest people I know. Both she and Bruce had reached a point in their lives where they were convinced they weren't ever going to marry, 'coz they were in their thirties without any hint of meeting and falling in love with another believer. Yet, God in His infinite wisdom, brought them together just as they'd both reached this conclusion and both were content with it. (Who says our Lord doesn't have a sense of humor?)

They were (and are) two of my dearest friends both before and since their marriage and each has shown me exquisite kindness (really, I'm convinced, the kindness of God's own heart) during times when I was lost, alone and afraid. Cathy gave up her own bed for me to sleep in for several days when I had no-where else to go a few years ago, while Bruce was always there with a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. I am so thankful they have found such happiness! Daily they are an example to me of God's wondrous grace in their joy and faithfulness and at overcoming so much. I praise my Father at choosing to bless them both in so many ways but most especially with this longed for child! Please, keep them in your prayers.

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