Sunday, July 25, 2004

Elsie & me

This is one of my favorite photos. Elsie & I doing one of the things she loves best--> reading a book. Of course the thing she loves most of all is getting her hands into my "magic candy drawer"! (Being a good nurse, I (& her mom & dad) try to limit candy to a once a week thing.)
Me & Elsie
Originally uploaded by ragamuffin.


josie said...

This pic isn't displaying; is this just my pc?

Ragamuffin said...

I'm not sure, Jos. The site I pull these from, called "Flickr", allows fotos to be either public or open only to family/friends. 'Coz I wasn't sure if your mom & dad would want everyone & their brother to see Elsie on the web, I put it only for family/friends (& haven't had a chance to designate who those are). I've changed it back to public, so tell me if this changes anything.

josie said...

Yeh I can see it now. What a cute pic!! I haven't seen that one before. :-)