Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Fire in my hometown

Last Friday night we had a major fire in our hometown (see my niece, Josie's, blog "" for photos taken by my nephew, Benjamin). One person was injured from severe smoke-inhalation 'coz he was unwilling to leave the only home he knew; the FD had to break down his door to get to him. The fire also caused another 25 or so elderly veterans to be homeless.

Just heard this am that the only person injured in the fire was taken off life support since he is believed to be brain-dead. In some ways it's a blessing since he didn't want to live, but I've been praying intensely that he came to know the Lord prior to his death. I'm not sure what his spiritual state was but I know he was always anxious to hear my nephews & nieces when they'd come to sing hymns of a Sunday. He passed away on Tuesday.


josie said...

wow, I'm really really sorry to hear about this!!! I thought he was goign to be ok.. :-(((

josie said...

actually I meant to tell you but I kept forgetting; Ben didn't take any of the pix. But it doesn't matter! :-)