Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Friends in distress

My family found out early yesterday morning that some friends of ours, a family with several children, have lost their home to fire. Late Sunday evening before retiring to bed, the father, Gailin, asked one of the boys to get some more wood from the woodpile in order to bank the fire in the fireplace for the night. He came back into the house and told his dad there was a great deal of smoke coming from around the chimney, near the attic. When Gailin went outside to look, he found the attic was on fire. They were able to get everyone out and most of their clothes, but lost the house due to fire and water damage. If they'd gone to sleep or even waited another hour, they would have lost more than property, though, so we are thankful to God for this protection and His perfect timing! We're also grateful that, though they lost so much, their insurance will pay to replace their home.

Please keep them in your prayers, though. It is such a great loss for them, and they, as a family, have already gone through a great deal more suffering than any one should! Gailin's father-in-law, Karen's dad (Bob), was in a bad grain bin accident a few years ago. (Did I mention this is a family of farmers who live out in the country?) There was some question for several weeks as to whether Bob would live, but he came through, though he's a quadriplegic. He's the kind of strong and humble man who doesn't like people to worry about him, so will oftentimes live with pain rather than mention anythings wrong. Twice in the past year he's had severe injuries, including a broken leg, which he chose not to mention until he was seriously ill with a bone infection, because, "It didn't hurt much and why bother people?" I think it worries him to have to worry his family.

Despite all this family has been through, their faith is undimmed and they have been a great example to me personally, and my family as a whole. I know they would value your prayers.

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