Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Josie & my day out

Today my niece, Josie, & I went out to lunch at a crepe restaurant around the corner from where I work. Josie had proscuitto and mozzarella crepe and I had a mozzarella and gruyere cheese crepe, then she got a nutella crepe for dessert and I had my usual banana, gruyere and honey crepe. We took the dessert crepes back to work with us so we could enjoy them as an afternoon snack. Josie really like her crepe, but though mine tasted good, it was so rich I couldn’t finish it. There were large chunks of fresh mozzarella in it and altogether it was a bit too much.

It was really nice to spend some time with Jos and to talk over cares and concerns. I'm always blown away by the wisdom my nieces and nephews show despite their youth; in some ways it puts me to shame how much I have to learn from them. I’m also ashamed because I so enjoy the children when I spend time with them, yet I make so little effort to meet with them! Josie is just starting a new job at a local goat dairy (in north-Champaign) and will be working part-time at her current job and part-time at the dairy through the summer than going full-time at the dairy in the fall. It sounds like a great opportunity and Josie’s happy she’s following her heart. The dairy owner wants to teach her how to make the cheeses the dairy is famous for along with milking and other chores, so Jos is really excited about it.

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