Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I'm back...

I just saw my niece, Josie, is back to blogging and it's inspired me to try and start again. So here goes...

Under the category of (somewhat) recent news in my family:

Nils and Emily are officially engaged and are hoping to be married on September 16th or 18th (or at least those are the dates which have been mentioned). They are looking for a home to rent, at least for the first few years.

Britta and Roger just celebrated their first anniversary by going to Turkey Run Inn and spending Lord's Day night there.

Steve and Michele have been going through a lot of changes-->Steve has a new job at Abbott Labs, they've bought a new house in Fox Lake, IL, and Michele is busy trying to figure out what colors to use, etc. It's a four bedroom home with a basement so they'll have plenty of room for a change.

Danny is back in Tennessee after working for a few months at a job in Waukegan, IL. He didn't like the work, nor the community, as well as Tennessee so when his old company offered him a better job, he took it. He's also purchased a new home in Franklin, TN. Both Steve & Dan are the first Obergs to buy new homes since my parents did it back it in 1971, I think!

We had fellowship meetings this past weekend with Scotie Selman. I did my usual disappearing act, unfortunately. I broke a front tooth on Saturday morning and was too embarrassed to be seen by persons outside the family. Stupid on my part since I missed some really good meetings, and no-one cares what I look like, anyway. On the bright side, I did go out to meeting the weekend prior to this past one and had a really good time. Jeff & Mother were running a little behind and since this is unusual for them, Linda began to wonder why. Just as she thought, "Maybe Debbie's coming out to meeting, and this is why they're behind," I walked through the door. Funnily enough, I WASN'T the cause of their lateness, since I took a different car. Oh my reputation!

The other big news is I have been hired for a full-time position at the U. of I. I simply have to pass my six-month probation, and would value your prayers in this regard. It's in the Office of Continuing Education and I really enjoy the people I work with and the work I do. Most of all, I enjoy the fact that I have plenty of work to keep me busy. I am really thankful to have this position and have been blessed in not having to much time, etc. Each day is a new experience and for this I am deeply grateful.

Well, this is all I can think of for now. Oh, except Benjamin and Lars have gotten their driving licenses! Hooray for them! Oh, but how quickly they've grown...

More later

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