Thursday, November 10, 2005

Changes in the family

My brother, Steve, and his wife, Michele, recently moved from Indiana to Crystal Lake, IL, after almost four years in Upland, IN. It's nice to have them nearer to Michele's parents, especially when Michele isn't feeling so well. They seem to like where they live very much and, tho' Steve wasn't too excited about resuming the work he'd left in order to move to Indiana (his old company hired him back), it was important for them to be closer to family. It's also nice that they aren't having to go so short of money all of the time, since he's paid a better salary with the current job. Of course, living in the Chicago-area means they will have a much higher cost of living!

Mother and I hope to go up there one weekend this month so that Steve, Michele, Keegan (their oldest) and Michele's parents and brother can go to the Blue Man Group show. We'll watch the three youngest kids for them, so they can all have an evening out. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of the kids.

Also, my twin brother Dan has accepted a job in Waukegan, IL, which will mean that he's about three hours nearer to us than where he currently lives, near Nashville. I'm really glad he's gotten what sounds like a great job, but he'd also interviewed at a local hospital (near our hometown) and I'd gotten my hopes up that he'd move back home. So, honestly & selfishly, I was a little disappointed, as well. I miss him a great deal since he is my closest friend in the family; not just biologically! :) I guess I feel ambivalent; I'm really thankful that he is progressing in his career, but wish he was closer to home. At least, he IS much closer to home, just not as close as I'd like. Oh well, God knows our needs and is there to comfort when we're feeling lost and alone.

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